• دستگاه های تست استاتیک (الکترومکانیکی و سروهیدرولیک) Walter Bai
  •  دستگاه های تست دینامیکی (خستگی)  w+b
  • Drop Weight Tear Tester (DWTT) دستگاه های IMATEK
  • دستگاه های تست ضربه پاندولی Walter+bai
  • ... دستگاه های تست بتن، خاک، سیمان، چوب، قیر و آسفالت و w+b
  • دستگاه های تست خزش
  • Melt Flow Index (MFI) دستگاه های تست Karg
  • سیستم های لوله امپدانسی BSWA
  • BSWA دستگاه های صدا سنج حرفه ای
  •  RMS (Vibration Test Systems) سیستم های تست ارتعاشی
  • (Modal Analysis) سیستم آنالیز مودال
  • IMAR خودرو (Handling) تجهیزات تست هندلینگ
  • دستگاه های تست و آنالیز سیستم های فتو ولتائیک HT Italia
  •  دستگاه های مینیاتوری Walter bai Switzerland
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About us

Tajhiz Azma Pakan (TOPCO) Ltd. was established in 2010 under registration No.368123 and National Identification No.10320168820 in Tehran-Iran. With 20 years of experience of the management - as our backbone - and close cooperation with reputable foreign manufacturers, we currently supply advanced test, measuring, troubleshooting, educational and laboratory equipment to industries, universities, educational and research centers as a leading company in the whole country.

Our experts have been able to introduce TOPCO as a symbol of effort, quality and fidelity through continued presence in universities, educational and research centers as well as industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, power plant, steel, automotive, etc.

Our main goal is total customer satisfaction, therefore utilizing experienced professionals as well as technical support of our partners, consultation before purchase as well as after sales services such as installation, commissioning, training, calibration, repair and supply of spare parts at the highest level are guaranteed.

We, in collaboration with our principals, are trying to increase our customer’s satisfaction through honest dealing, providing high quality products with competitive prices, good after-sales services, holding training courses in Iran and abroad, translation and authorship of technical books.

In this regard, any comment, suggestion or criticism that may help us to improve quality of our services are very welcomed.

شعار شرکت تجهیز ازما پاکان (تاپکو)
Unit 4, No.6, 4th Street(Moghaddas), Ahmad Ghasir(Bokharest) Ave., Tehran, Iran, ZIP code(Post code):1514636517
Tel: +98 21 88 543 543            Fax: +98 21 88 733 260